Biographical Notes: jafar

As you might have noticed, the RWL tumblr has many lovely contributors. We thought you might like for us to introduce ourselves, so look out for introductory posts in the next few weeks.


I’m Jess, but since there simply too many of us in this world, I’m going to be signing off as jafar.  I’m currently the blog editor for RWL and am also actively involved in the Self Preservation programming initiative. I’m super new to Chicago, a small-town southern transplant.

By day I’m an archivist at a Fortune 500 company (I really REALLY love my day job). Lately I’ve been interested in new library models and new interpretations of traditional library practices. In the past I’ve done a lot of research on information access in developing countries (especially West Africa/specifically Ghana), and how we might replicate DIY practices from those places in “third-world” (I know, I hate that term, but a lot of people relate to it, so there it is) pockets of the U.S. I’m also sort of a technophile and love to hear about information activism, so you might expect some posts about any of these subjects from me. Not library-related: I love music (duh, who doesn’t?), my cat, Malort, and southern food.


If you want to talk to me in person, I’m at most RWL events, will be attending ALA and SAA this year, and show up for CAA gatherings sometimes, too. I’d love to meet you!


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