POC Zine Project

An article published in late January of this year tells the story of how the POC Zine Project came to be. At first, as the article explains, POC (People of Color) Zine Project creator Daniela Capistrano “had no idea zines weren’t just for people of color.As she would later discover, “zine culture is so closely correlated with punk, a predominantly white subculture that’s more inclusive in theory than in practice, zine communities in many cities are also predominantly white.” So in response, Capistrano created the POC Zine Project, “making zines by people of color easy to find, distribute, and share.”

It’s projects like this that remind us of just how multi-cultural of a world we live in. The zine community is widely diverse, with writers of virtually every imaginable background: be it race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, economic, or otherwise. Zines (and other forms of self-publishing, for that matter) acknowledge the voices of those who often find themselves underrepresented. The power to write something and distribute it, the power to spread your ideas, your opinions, your beliefs, no matter how unpopular or radical they may be, these abilities amplify the tremendous voices of the vastly diverse population that we are all a part of.

- Chris Lambrecht

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